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Bringing In The New Blood

Bringing in the New Blood

When a senior citizen finds a new romantic companion late in brio, itís a wonderful moment for both. Romances late in life can provide a much needed source of companionship and weakness that may emblematize missing if the senior has lost a spouse or is going through their golden years select. But itís common for children of seniors to go through some anxiety when they see dad or mom enjoying the company of another romance in their lives. And getting the kids to credit your new girlfriend or boyfriend, especially if that romance is going to result in a wedding.

Part of your childrenís resistance to you dating comes from burden about losing their parent which may be just as deep and lasting a anxiety as you had in losing your wife or husband. It may seem strange but recurrently it is the children of the marriage who go through the longest grief when a parent passes on. You may have being moved along in your processing of that loss much more than they. To children, the parents are a permanent institution and the idea that one of them would go away seems inconceivable. And this feeling recurrently survives well into adulthood.

So that is the first packed adjustment your homey ahs to knock out when they see you beginning to enjoy the company of the opposite sex. They must show assured you are not going to replace mom or dad in their hearts and that this romance will never withdraw the love you cherish for that departed spouse. To the children, that love must endure forever because it is the basis of their concept of family which is a big part of their own identity as well, like though one parent may have passed away.

This is a next step in life that calls for you, the senior citizen and the wise old Grandma or Grandpa in the family mix to use some of that responsiveness and sagacity of your years to use your children and polished grandchildren accept your new romance and promote with you to a new phase of life. If you have the chance as you begin a new relationship, the time to begin the acceptance process is before that friendship becomes a romance.

By sitting down with your children and discussing that this will happen, even before it happens, you begin the acceptance process. In their minds and emotional systems, they begin to understand your longing for companionship and for love and for romance. You need that as much as they do. Whence you elucidate it to them.

Then as you begin to see a romantic interest, be open with the family about what you are doing. Adult progeny can even get to the foot that they will be your advisor and your cheerleaders as you enjoy a new era of dating and romance. Once that area of life is open, then when you do ďbring home the date to meet the familyĒ it wont be such a difficult thing.

But by keeping the adult children always in the loop, they can talk with one greater, agree that this is the best possible thing for you and even work to advice the grandkids accept your new romance. Before long, he or schoolgirl will be able to come for blowout, combine in the holidays and really become part of the family. Just as you opened your heart when your kids were dating and the nod new loves, you leave implant your kids to open their hearts to someone who is becoming important to you. Itís a cycle of life but if we handling it lovingly and honestly, itís a good cycle.


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