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Finally Dealing With God

Finally Dealing with God

There is an area of life that for many of us, is a big unanswered question. When we are in the decades of working hard to support a family and raise kids, we don’t have as much time to deal with big unanswered questions. Twist and things having to do with ideas often take a back seat to the necessities of life. But as you change out of your active working life and into retirement and the life of a senior citizen, you finally have the time to ponder the bigger questions and dab to resolve troubling issues of the heart and soul, now that you have the time to tag on with them.

The big unanswered question that may have waited all your viability to be answered is the problem of God. It’s strange to envision of God as a question. But whether there is a God has implications either way if the answer is yes or no. If we can decide with absolutely certainty that the answer is no, then we have issues of meaning. The issue of meaning comes from the need for us to touch we were put here for a purpose. And if someone put us here, that someone has to be God. So if we conclude in our own logical abilities that there is no God, we also sell away our ability to assign meaning to our own existence in this life and that is a pretty big price to pay.

If we decide that there is a God, we are faced with the question of what to do with that. How do we “deal with God” if he is indeed there and what does he want and how can I communicate with him? Now, we cannot answer these big questions in this paper and it would be foolish to try. For isolated thing, it’s a question that has to embody answered individually. So if you ask fifteen people about this issue, you might get back that many answers.

Senior citizens have some compelling reasons for putting in the extra effort to figure visible how to deal with God. For one thing, as seniors, we are statistically closer to the borderline of our time on creation. And the decision of our decision about the issue of God will have a band to do with the afterlife, which is to say, whether there is a heaven or some other appearance of living past the portal of death. And if we determine that such a thing is a possibility, that introduces all kinds of new possibilities into the equation of approaching that transition in the next few decades.

Another compelling reason why are in a good place in our lives as senior citizens to confront the issue of God is that we have a lifetime of experience and time to think about this behind us. Our alleged greater wisdom and knowledge that comes from being the elders of society give us an earnings in tackling this big question. In consequence we should feel confident that we are equipped to take on the question, regular though it’s a big one.

We owe it to our children and grandchildren to try to find an answer to this question. If we provided no guidance to our children as they grew up about this issue, they may be still seeking answers even now. And we want to be competent to give wise supporter for those sweet grandkids when they crawl up on your lap and cross-examine, “Grandpa, is there a God? ” It is no time to have to say, “I don’t notice. ”

We have resources. There is the Bible and other religious texts that might provide insight. And there are churches on virtually every corner to help you sort out this problem. We must buy for courageous and not side step the question as we may have done throughout lifeblood. The issue of God is a serious question and its one that deserves our mental time to try to resolve it. By giving the question sincere purpose and the benefit of the doubt for both sides of the point, we as senior citizens and grandparents will be taking a journey passion knowledge that will benefit everybody that knows us, once we determine the assert once and for all.


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