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Take Some Risks

Take Some Risks

There is a classic image of a senior citizen driving with their turn signals continuously on and poking along 20 miles under the stimulus limit on the highway. A popular comedian once quipped that if he was 80 years elderly, he would ďdrive like hellĒ since, after all, why not take some risks at 80?

Itís perfect that as we change into our senior years, we do become a bit cautious in how we move our affairs. Now, if you have health difficulties that a fall or a serious ailment could prove life threatening, those precautions are called for. In defiance of that comedianís remarks, our lives are precious and just because we are closer to the final years of our lives doesnít mean we want to see our lives end too soon and teenybopper out of a minute of this time on earth and time with our children and grandchildren.

But peerless aspect of that yarn has some foodstuff for thought as we think about our lifestyle due to primary tribe. There may be some good reasons to get out there and take some risks in life and to enjoy the thrill that a mini danger can bring. Recently the elder President George Bush went skydiving even though he was well into his senior years. His life of achievement showed that Luminary Bush was not afraid of a challenge. And by getting out there and doing something fun and that may have been a dream of his, he showed that our senior years are not all about rocking chairs and naps. Itís also a time to aware out our dreams.

Some risks, like skydiving, can be done with the guidance of skilled professionals to help reduce the actual dangers. But the illustration of what President Bush did emphasizes one rational for to ďgo for itĒ and take some risks in our retirement years. For one thing, itís a tremendous inspiration to younger people when they see their elders exhibiting courage and a willingness to get out of their comfort area. Many times your own family may be the ones who need that kind of inspiration that they too should living life courageously and not contract fear stop them from enjoying every moment.

Another great reason to take a risk is that it may be a great way to bond with family. Not long ago, I had the happen to go white water rafting with my grandson. Now I am not an adventurer and not in indubitable build to do anything athletic. But this was a moment where I could establish a bond with my grandson by going into a great triumph with him and coming out of it with great stories. Because I am writing this article for you shows that I made it. There were a few heart stopping moments but I wouldnít trade those moments with him for the world. You too may be presented with a chance to make a memory with a loved one by taking a risk. And itís worth going for it, in a reasonable fashion, to capture that retention and build that bond as fresh.

Some risks you might take donít involve physical danger. Maybe you need to finally take the plunge and stir up up at the local open mic night and deliver that stand up comedy routine you have been polishing up with the family. They relate there is nothing more terrifying as facing a crowd and trying to make them laugh. But when you hear their happiness and their applause, that will be a dream come true for the amateur comic in you.

So consider taking a few risks as you plan your activities in your busy retirement schedule. The rush of adrenaline will put some spring in your step and give your heart rate a workout. But it will also add some fun and adventure to your life. And that is something we all can avail.


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